Sunday Sound Thought 61: The Colors Of Sound

Through an article on one of y my favorite blogs, I recently learned about a rare neurological crossing of senses which is called Synesthesia.

In one particular manifestation of the phenomena called Chromesthesia, individuals associate sounds with colors & even shapes. Not in a metaphorical sense, like we’re used to for describing sounds, but as actual sensations.






I can only speculate how enriching that extra layer of sensations must be & I wonder if sound synesthetes experience the same sensations regarding different types of sounds. I also wonder what the world would “sound like” (music, movies etc.) if sound synesthesia was the norm?

Do you experience synesthesia yourself? Please share your experiences in the comments!



Here’s an animation by synesthete Michal Levy for J.S. Bach, Prelude in C Major.

For me, music is a multidimensional experience — an ever-changing flow of shape, form, and color moving through space. Dance of Harmony seeks to bring this experience to life for those who can’t experience synesthesia directly. — Michal Levy

And here’s a nice short documentary on the topic:

As has come before; many of these posts will be philosophical in nature. Some will be in contradiction to previous postings. These are not intended as truths or assertions, they’re merely thoughts…ideas. Think of this as stream of consciousness over a wide span…Please bare with us as we traverse the abstract canals of audio musings.


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