Join me for a week in Lisbon, Portugal for a true Photography Adventure!

Come explore Europe’s second-oldest capital, the City of the Sea

Every year I personally take a small group of people to an exotic location for a Photo Adventure… Venice, Namibia, Paris, Tokyo, London, New Zealand and now Lisbon. This photo adventure will be incredible and FULL of SURPRISES just like all the others!

I custom-design these trips to exceed everyone’s expectations and I believe so far we have! My idea of “roughing it” is slow room service, so we stay in luxurious accommodations, we eat amazing food, we drink fine wine, we gain access to exclusive and secret spots, most of the time while laughing and having the time of our lives!

Not to sound overly new-agey or self-important, but there is another philosophical aspect to these amazing events. I have personally found that being creative and artistic has added a layer of peace and tranquillity to my life, and by working closely together over the week, perhaps some of the techniques I share will rub off a bit. So, it might appear we’re just taking photos together, but really there is a lot more going on. Well, you’ll see. Your only regret will be if you miss out!

Visit the Lisbon Photography Adventure Page to find out more ?

The Adventure begins April 15, 2017!

We’re excited for this adventure because not only will we be exploring Lisbon and the coastal areas but we’re staying at the unbelievable Penha Longa Resort in the Sintra Mountains! This amazing Ritz-Carlton property dates back to a 14th century Monastery, it’s truly remarkable. The adventure will be April 15 – 20, 2017 and we’ve worked closely with the resort to design a unique and unforgetable experience. The staff there is extremely nice and accommodating. We’ll make sure that all your needs are met!

Penha Longa Resort – Photo courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton

Sounds Exciting! Where do I Sign Up?

Please contact Curtis Simmons ( for pricing information and to reserve your spot today! You can also contact Curtis if you have additional questions or would like to enquire about bringing a partner

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