well – the green fringe hammock is white

This is the story of a mom that bought a super cute hammock from Anthropologie. It was a bit of a splurge for her, but she wanted a hammock for so long…and it was green. And it had fringe.

She hung it in her living room and it instantly became the most popular seat in the house. When originally hung, the fringe was about a foot off the ground. Little did she know the cotton hammock would stretch.


Before long the stretching caused the fringe to brush the ground. It picked up dog hair and wool from the rug that sheds. Rugs should not shed, but back to the stretching hammock. She considered trimming the fringe, but wasn’t sure how short to go.hammock-03Eventually the trim hung so low that it got caught in the little feet that swung from the hammock. She was tempted to banish everyone from her hammock, but the whole point was creating a spot for everyone to enjoy. She tried to remind the kids to watch their feet. Before long, she gave up and just focused on their smiles and not the destruction of her beloved hammock fringe.hammock-05

The fringe got so out of control, one day she knew what must be done. She had long thrown away her receipt and didn’t have much ground for asking the store to exchange her hammock. She was stuck. With scissors in hand, she took a deep breath and said goodbye to the fringe that once upon a time graced her living room.In her quest to create more seats in her living room, she asked her dad to build her a sectional. Upon completion of the building portion, she began searching for fabric to cover the new large couch. Everything clashed with her pretty green fringe-free hammock. Enter bleach and a bathtub.

Little remains of the beautiful green fringed hammock that originally caught her eye. Maybe one day she’ll have a fringe hammock again. Until then…the living room hammock is still the most popular seat in the house. It may not be as pretty as it was in its glory days, but it still beckons all those looking for a place to nap.

hammock2-01hammock2-02hammock2-04So…the white isn’t too bad and it will look good with the new couch (if I ever get it finished). However, I’ll be holding out hope for having a fun fringe hammock again one day…and when that day finally gets here I’ll probably be sad I can have a fringe hammock and be wishing for the days when I couldn’t have one. So…WAHOO I have a house full of kids and it just doesn’t work with hammock fringe. I guess I’m good with that!


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