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I would like to introduce to you one of my idea since 2013, which is in the stage of concept.  It is about smart device, which has a touch phone size or tablet`s , but simply unfolding as a sheet of paper and increases three times it size! That is be able to work as a bigger tablet or desktop system. This concept is not need flexible display, because it has 3 displays arranged as folded paper fan one behind the other. When we want compactness device we leave the device folded and then will  work only the first panel. When we want larger device, we unclasp the displays and then will work all of them panels. I think this is very simple way to develop multisizer device.

Maximum simplicity of the shape of that device is for easier hold in a hand. Therefore the width of the screen in the folded position coincides with outside dimension of the device. Thus easy to grip even with 7-inch diagonal single screen but when unclasp there is no distance between screens and practically becomes a device with three times larger screen. This device can combines the capabilities of Smartphone and functionality of PC.

I really have need from a similar smart device. I work as graphic designer and travel everyday. For my is difficult to work between different devices for my job. It is multi functional and uniting different devices – combines a smartphone and its applications with desktop functionality and software. Also it fits into the plans of the largest software companies on a common interface and applications on their operating systems.

Benefits of this design is for everybody – from students to people with different occupations. You do not need to carry cell phones, tablets, notebooks. This compact device will be more convenient for the growing number of people on motion. So all the information you need at any time will always be available.

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