Hacking Architecture: A Crash Course on the Pitfalls Facing Smart Buildings and Intelligent Infrastructure

One of the most disregarded happenings in the world of architecture today is that computer networks controlling the buildings and infrastructure architects design are regularly being hacked. This tends to go under-reported, because it often involves private companies concerned for their public images, and untreated, because these systems are coordinated by various parties that have never been responsible for cyber security. An equally underutilized circumstance is that architects and planners tend to occupy the prime communicating position on building projects, coming into direct or indirect contact with nearly everyone involved. As such, they should familiarize themselves with this realm of knowledge and treat it with equal regard to areas such as structural or mechanical engineering. Via BBC Building automation systems, which control such things as heating and air conditioning, fire alarms and sprinklers, door locks and security cameras, tend to be some of the weakest and least secured computer systems in any given network. The 2013 hack of the retailer Target, for example, in which the credit and debit card information of some 40 million people was stolen, was launched through the company’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning control system. “The 2013 hack of the retailer … http://architizer.com/

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