Baby Changing Table: MALM + GNEDBY + HYTTAN


Ikea Items used:

  • MALM Chest of 4 drawers (white) 002.145.53
  • GNEDBY Shelving unit (white) 402.771.43
  • HYTTAN Front for dishwasher 902.915.61
  • HYTTAN 2-pieces door corner cabinet set 602.210.89
  • STOPP Anti-slip underlay 802.278.77

After I came across those two hacks (1, 2), I decided that I had to build my own changing table for my baby daughter, who will be born soon. Yes, I could buy an already built changing table, but all the ones I saw, including Ikea ones, lacked storage space.

I also didn’t want to buy a piece of furniture that would be used for one year or so. I built this changing table in a way that the MALM chest was left immaculate and, when I disassemble the changing table, I will have a “brand new” MALM chest to use.

And it was cheaper to make, too! Well, I had the luck to find at the “special offers department” the HYTTAN cabinet doors. They were discontinued at my country, so they were being sold for about a 10th of their original price.

Here’s how I made it:

The changing table is basically built from a MALM chest, which extends to the back with a GNEDBY shelving unit cut in half. Then, the Hyttan panels are attached to the GNEDBY and placed on top of the MALM.

Final dimensions:
– Height: 102 cm
– Width:: 80 cm
– Depth; 70 cm

1. I started to build the MALM chest, according to the instructions.

2. Then, I marked on the sides of the GNEDBY shelving unit the exact height of the MALM chest. I placed paper tape on top of the markings in order to avoid chipping while cutting them with a saw.


3. I then built the GNEDBY shelving unit following the instructions, ending up with two pieces that had the same height as the MALM chest.

B-2 C-3

4. I then attached the top part of the GNEDBY to the MALM chest using the L shaped brackets that originally come with the MALM to fix it to the wall.


5.  I also fixed the bottom of the GNEDBY to the MALM with another L bracket, not damaging the walls of the MALM (picture shows the structure from the floor side)


6. The top of the changing table was made from 2 of the 3 HYTTAN pieces I had, with the original internal surface facing upwards. No sawing was needed as the two pieces are the same size as the structure previously built


7. I joined the 2 pieces using glue and a plastic frieze glued and nailed in the ridge that forms when the two pieces are side by side.


8. I protected the MALM top with a piece of STOPP underlay and placed the HYTTAN boards on top, fixing them to the unit with two other L shaped brackets (the one attached on the GNEDBY on picture H)


Pictures show the unit after all the pieces were joined together.

I-9 J-10 K-11

And here’s the final result.

N-14  L-12

Hope you enjoy this hack!!

~ by João Pedro Silva

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