New Living Room Rug!


So, is it refreshingly honest or just sort of a bummer when you finally realize you can’t have kids/a dog and perfectly clean rugs? t was about 50/50 for me.  The last two rugs we had in our living room had entirely too much white in the pattern, which is to say ANY AMOUNT OF WHITE. I feel like we’re pretty clean people but it seems like even the tiniest bit of white was getting dingy so fast. It just wasn’t a great look and I knew it was time for an easier solution.


So I tossed up my white-rug white flag and took my own advice that I often give to clients with kids and pets: if little feet touch it, make it the color of dirt.



I had selected this beautiful, well-priced and ENORMOUS rug for a client recently and when we ended up going sans-rug in her space, I happily picked up this beauty for myself to replace the white moroccan style we’ve had in the living room for the last 8 months or so. I’ve been using eSaleRugs for my own home and clients for years and their rugs are consistently even better in person than in the photos (and I’ve found the opposite to be true with eBay rugs!).




A few things I love about this rug:

  • While it’s not exactly the color of dirt, there are no sections of the pattern that are white. 🙂 In general though it’s still light and airy – just what this shadowy room needs!
  • The rug straight up camouflages dog prints and kid mess alike – I’m thinking of a couple recent tragic lego+bare foot incidents. Ouch!
  • That pop of hot pink makes my heart skip a beat every time I walk in the room, but you wouldn’t really call it a pink rug, you know? It’s not at all overly girlie.
  • It layers with my cheap IKEA sisal like a CHAMPION.
  • I suddenly love my white coffee table again after months of considering getting a new one! Sometimes it just takes a new backdrop to love your furniture again.

Pretty thrilled with our new rug and how it’s holding up! Here are a couple more from eSaleRugs that I had saved in my cart for consideration. It looks like they’re having a Black Friday preview sale today and everything’s 50-60% off, too! Happy shopping!


1  //  2


1  //  2  //  3  //  4


1  //  2  //  3  //  4


1  //  2


1  //  2


1  //  2  //  3


1  //  2


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