New at IKEA!

Have you seen the new IKEA line called Sinnerlig?

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It was a collaboration with British designer Ilse Crawford and it’s super beautiful. Gorgeous, organic glass and stoneware, baskets and pretty textiles, as well as a couple of great furniture pieces.

 photo ikea-sinnerlig-pillow.jpg
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 photo sinnerlig-pendant-lamp__0393141_PH128168_S4.jpg
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My very favorite piece (which apparently is only available in stores right now) is this steel, acacia wood daybed. Isn’t that jute webbing amazing? It’s like all the best things about midcentury design in one beautiful (and super affordable) piece.

 photo sinnerlig-day-bed-beige__0393140_PH128144_S4.jpg
 photo sinnerlig-day-bed-beige__0374224_PE552440_S4.jpg
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I’m so inspired by the jute webbing. I have this old bench that I got on the cheap at a thrift store and it’s still sitting in storage because the caning is ripped on the seat. I bet I could do something cool here with this webbing idea!

 photo IMG_8987.jpg

PS There are a couple of new rugs in the 2016 line that aren’t a part of the Sinnerlig line, but they’re still really great! 
 photo raskmolle-rug-flatwoven-black__0371235_PE552990_S4.jpg

 photo new_ikea_rugs1.jpg

 photo saltbak-rug-flatwoven-assorted-colors__0371289_PE552997_S4.jpg

 photo new_ikea_rugs2.jpg

They’re all between 5×8′ and 8×10′ which is already a pretty great size, but if you need a bigger size, why not try this idea?
 photo wb3ysr52215zz52.jpg
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